Self check-in much?

In the midst of your busy life, how often do you check-in with yourself?

It’s part of your self-care hygiene, as in helping yourself to maintain a state of equilibrium and tapping into your joyful state. A sense of overwhelm, throughout your day, will have you pull away from joy.

As part of your daily ritual, as often as you sit to eat, take a moment to check-in and see how your cells feel, how your gut is reacting, what your mind is up to, and if you are sporting a smile in the process.

By night time, on a couch, a chair or your bed, take stock of how you are feeling, see for which part of your day are you most grateful, and how could you have tweaked portions of your day, to have you function with grace and ease.

In essence, humans have a tendency to connect to others more often than with oneself. Your joy is an inside job and has little to do with the world around. Your perspective plays a huge part in how you see your life unfold. Start looking inward to begin seeing the magic all around you.

The Joy of Spirit Spiritual Living to Discover Wonderful You by Tania Kiaizadeh

The first of many…


First blog and more to come.

The blogs will revolve around my reels posted on Instagram or TikTok. Being a teacher, I am often found asking questions to my students. Why? To ignite reflection, to allow the student to emerge with a strong sense of self and mostly to rely on this inner wisdom within reach.

World is changing and with that education needs to integrate these same changes. Students need to strengthen their sense of self, to generate opinions, to reflect, to connect to their insight, while continuing to use the plethora of tools available, thanks to the rapid innovations.

With that in mind, let’s begin this process.

Food for thought…
May I invite you to watch dogs at the park.
Observe long enough and you will see that dogs are open to learning.
They don’t spend one minute of their day saying I am not good at that…that…or that.
Which brings me to the following?
Can we remain as open to the world of possibilities?


You are far more brilliant than you think.

Believe that.
Don’t box yourself in!!

The Joy of Spirit Spiritual Living to Discover Wonderful You by Tania Kiaizadeh